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Pratunam Night Market for the night owls

While the main Pratunam wholesale mall closes in the evening, with most shops closed by 6pm and outside stalls just a little later and closing around 7pm, this when the Pratunam Night Market starts.

Situated outside the Pratunam Centre along to the Baiyoke tower this gets started at around 6pm and continues well into the night, with stalls and snack vendors open until midnight. A great place to have a meal, some snacks and still to do shopping as many small vendors stay open to sell fashions to the late night crowd.

The main street out of Baiyoke is jammed pack with people, competing with the taxis and motor scooters and trikes which are common in the city. Even on nights when the weather is bad our Pratunam Market vendors will open their stalls under cover of rain proof canopies to serve you with great shopping choices!

Don't worry about the traffic, as it is all so busy the cars can only go slowly so it is very safe for the visitors!

Garments available for sale include t-shirts, jeans, skirts and children's clothes. Accessories including handbags, wallets, fashion watches and belts can be seen from the stalls.  While the wholesale shops are mostly closed in the evening the Night Market continues to have stalls which sell retail to both visitors and locals alike.

Note also there is a "Morning Market".



Bobae Market in Rattanakosin

Bobae Market which is a sister to Pratunam! While Pratunam is the premier wholesale garment market in Bangkok Bobae has many interesting things as well.

Similar discount garment shops, but much more outdoor stalls are to be found at Bo Bae. Located on Krung Kasem Road look for the Bridges.

Bobae Tower building is where more shops are located, here small quantities are welcomed but much of the business is for Russian buyers. Both Market and the Tower open early in the morning, by 6am, but also closed by 6pm. There is no night market at Bo Bae Market.


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